About Us

specs {specifications, speculations, spectacle . . . } is a journal that aims to produce a charged atmosphere around artistic and critical approaches. Hence, specs is willing to live in a constant state of flux, with the mission of propagating strange and involved sympathies between disparate genres and forms. We want to break down hierarchies between poems, fictions, and critical writing. We hope for seepages, warped conversations, and misappropriations between areas of content.

specs, a nonprofit journal for the arts, was founded in 2007 and is published annually. Funding is provided by Rollins College, in addition to sales and private contributions.

Founding Editor
Vidhu Aggarwal  

Kristen N. Arnett

Poetry/Graphics Editor
Cathleen Bota

Editorial Interns
Sarah Castro
Jennifer Valero 

Advisory Board
Julian Chambliss
Minal Hajratwala